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My start in Malamutes is owed to a few specific people. I wouldn't have the dogs that I have and could not be more grateful that they all believed in me. I am going to do my best to make them proud!!!

Nancy and Bob Russell of Storm Kloud Kennels. What can I say. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to these 2 phenomenal people. They have been there for me whenever I have a problem or a question. They have taken me under their wings both in dogs and in their personal lives and I couldn't be more thankful. I look up to Nancy and believe that if it wasn't for her, I would not be near as successful as I have been in this breed. Her hard work and dedication to this breed has been such a huge benefit to myself and also to my dogs. I have been humbled to have co bred several litters with Nancy. She has been the best mentor to me and I am hoping and praying to learn as much as she is willing to teach me and that she and Bob are proud of what I do!! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

Jeri El Dissi of Storm Kloud Kennels and LDC Kennels. So my Grandma always told me that out of something bad, something good will come of it. Well she hit the nail on the head. A very dear friend passed away, Jude Staniszewski of Stormswept Kennels, and during this terribly sad time, Jeri and I became very close. Jeri is Nancy's daughter so her start in Malamutes came at a very very young age. Her love for dogs and her natural ability of handling became apparent when she was a young girl. Jeri handled dogs with her Mom for many years. She also owned/operated LDC Professional Pet Products with her husband Sa'd for over 30 years. Jeri continues to handle all breeds of dogs. Her only Malamute Rolex, Multi BISS Gold GrCH CH Storm Kloud's Test Of Time, has contributed the foundation of my breeding program here at Storm Sky. We will be forever grateful to Rolex for what he has given us in beautiful kids! Jeri has helped me in so many ways. She has helped me become a better handler, she has taught me about the breed, and she has become one of my very best friends and I am blessed to have her in my life. 

My love for this breed is something that I can not express enough. The loyalty, the honesty, and the unconditional love is something that can not be beat! From working to showing, the experiences that I have had with my dogs and because of them I will be forever grateful for.

I have a wonderful husband Jason and a spectacular son Logan! My family is my everything :) Jason is a very well known and extremely accomplished dirt racecar driver. He has won multiple championships both locally, regionally, and nationally. He builds his own cars and is a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Logan is an awesome kid who has a great knowledge of the dogs!! He is the absolutely best kennel help I could ask for and to him I owe the world. He just graduated high school and is going to be starting college soon. He was an accomplished writer for our local paper the Pulaski News, earning him the top story of all of 2014! He is an avid soccer player and also is earning his way to a black belt in karate.

I am blessed with a Mom who is the BEST "on the road unpaid kennel help" I could ask for. I currently have 3 nieces who I love to the stars and back :) Finally, after all the years my 2 younger brothers aggravated me, they made up for it by making me one proud AUNTIE!!

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